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Looney, Polk Co., Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cunnyngham, Thomas Wilkerson Sr.  18 Jun 1889Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I9301
2 Cunnyngham, William G.  1 Oct 1882Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12215


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Matilda  13 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12323
2 Matilda  10 Jul 1870Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12323
3 Maude E.  19 May 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12321
4 Buford, Sarah E.  16 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12235
5 Buford, Sarah E.  19 May 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12235
6 Cunnyngham, Albert G.  26 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12220
7 Cunnyngham, Beatrice Bea  16 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12237
8 Cunnyngham, Beatrice Bea  19 May 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12237
9 Cunnyngham, Bennett Lloyd  17 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12233
10 Cunnyngham, Bennett Lloyd  19 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12233
11 Cunnyngham, Bennett Lloyd  19 May 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12233
12 Cunnyngham, Blanche  17 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12239
13 Cunnyngham, Blanche  16 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12239
14 Cunnyngham, Dicy Lavinia  26 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12221
15 Cunnyngham, Dicy Lavinia  2 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12221
16 Cunnyngham, Dicy Lavinia  19 Apr 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12221
17 Cunnyngham, James H. W.  7 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12213
18 Cunnyngham, James H. W.  26 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12213
19 Cunnyngham, John Mock  7 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12216
20 Cunnyngham, John Mock  7 Jul 1870Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12216
21 Cunnyngham, John Mock  17 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12216
22 Cunnyngham, John Mock  16 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12216
23 Cunnyngham, John Mock  19 May 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12216
24 Cunnyngham, Joseph Shellton  17 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12234
25 Cunnyngham, Robert Winton  7 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12214
26 Cunnyngham, Salley M.  26 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12222
27 Cunnyngham, Thomas Morris  17 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12232
28 Cunnyngham, Thomas Wilkerson Sr.  7 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I9301
29 Cunnyngham, Thomas Wilkerson Jr.  7 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12217
30 Cunnyngham, Thomas Wilkerson Sr.  7 Jul 1870Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I9301
31 Cunnyngham, Thomas Wilkerson Jr.  7 Jul 1870Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12217
32 Cunnyngham, Thomas Wilkerson Sr.  17 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I9301
33 Cunnyngham, Thomas Wilkerson Jr.  17 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12217
34 Cunnyngham, Thomas Wilkerson Jr.  16 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12217
35 Cunnyngham, Thomas Wilkerson Jr.  17 Apr 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12217
36 Cunnyngham, Wilkerson B. W.  16 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12236
37 Cunnyngham, Wilkerson B. W.  19 May 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12236
38 Cunnyngham, William G.  7 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12215
39 Cunnyngham, William G.  17 Jun 1880Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12215
40 Jackson, Fern  2 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12307
41 Jackson, Fern  19 Apr 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12307
42 Jackson, Oscar C.  2 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12306
43 Jackson, Oscar C.  19 Apr 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12306
44 Lecompte, Martha Jewette  16 Jun 1900Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12240
45 Lecompte, Martha Jewette  17 Apr 1910Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12240
46 Mitchell, Arizona  13 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12330
47 Mitchell, Arizona  10 Jul 1870Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12330
48 Mitchell, Benjamin  13 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12322
49 Mitchell, Benjamin  10 Jul 1870Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12322
50 Mitchell, Benjamin L.  13 Jul 1860Looney, Polk Co., Missouri I12335

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cunnyngham / Mitchell  3 Nov 1869Looney, Polk Co., Missouri F4031