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Newton Co., Mississippi



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Austin, Enoch L. Jr.  Sep 1897Newton Co., Mississippi I7906
2 Austin, Lela V.  30 Jul 1895Newton Co., Mississippi I7905
3 Barber, Caroline E. "Carrie"  27 Apr 1851Newton Co., Mississippi I11634
4 Cook, Alfred D.  8 Aug 1843Newton Co., Mississippi I3616
5 Cook, Cassa L.  27 Nov 1844Newton Co., Mississippi I3617
6 Cook, Edwin Rutherford  18 Dec 1838Newton Co., Mississippi I707
7 Cook, Elizabeth S.  12 Dec 1828Newton Co., Mississippi I3737
8 Cook, John Taylor "Jack" Sr.  24 Jul 1846Newton Co., Mississippi I710
9 Cook, Lucyann E.  18 Dec 1841Newton Co., Mississippi I709
10 Cook, Mary Jane  8 Mar 1848Newton Co., Mississippi I469
11 Cook, William M.  30 Dec 1839Newton Co., Mississippi I708
12 Cross, Allen  Abt 1903Newton Co., Mississippi I11648
13 Cross, Bonnell  9 Sep 1890Newton Co., Mississippi I7879
14 Cross, Carrie  Feb 1894Newton Co., Mississippi I11682
15 Cross, Catherine  Abt 1908Newton Co., Mississippi I11650
16 Cross, Clarke Walton  18 Jul 1914Newton Co., Mississippi I11656
17 Cross, Cochron Barber  27 Nov 1891Newton Co., Mississippi I11645
18 Cross, Fred M.  Feb 1892Newton Co., Mississippi I11681
19 Cross, Majorie  Dec 1898Newton Co., Mississippi I7892
20 Cross, Mamie F.  20 Oct 1893Newton Co., Mississippi I11646
21 Cross, Margret  Abt 1906Newton Co., Mississippi I11649
22 Cross, Melton Lewis  5 Feb 1875Newton Co., Mississippi I7895
23 Cross, Ora A.  Feb 1880Newton Co., Mississippi I7903
24 Cross, Sarah Elizabeth  13 Jan 1898Newton Co., Mississippi I11647
25 Cross, U. Known  Aft 1896Newton Co., Mississippi I7894
26 Melton, Archie Clarke  11 Sep 1887Newton Co., Mississippi I11609
27 Melton, Carrie  9 Oct 1897Newton Co., Mississippi I11622
28 Melton, Charles Jerome  17 Nov 1885Newton Co., Mississippi I11621
29 Melton, James Norris  18 Sep 1893Newton Co., Mississippi I11611
30 Melton, Mary A.  3 Jul 1884Newton Co., Mississippi I11608
31 Melton, Minnie Lee  28 Nov 1880Newton Co., Mississippi I11607
32 Melton, Robert Allen  16 Dec 1877Newton Co., Mississippi I11617
33 Melton, William W.  18 Jun 1891Newton Co., Mississippi I11610
34 Williamson, Alma  Abt 1868Newton Co., Mississippi I7334
35 Williamson, Edward  Abt 1870Newton Co., Mississippi I7504
36 Williamson, George M.  Abt 1876Newton Co., Mississippi I7692
37 Williamson, Dr. Ira Sr.  31 Dec 1873Newton Co., Mississippi I11612
38 Williamson, Ira Jr.  Abt 1914Newton Co., Mississippi I11614
39 Williamson, Jerry  Abt 1877Newton Co., Mississippi I7602
40 Williamson, Mary E.  Abt 1912Newton Co., Mississippi I11613


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Enoch L. Sr.  14 Jun 1898Newton Co., Mississippi I7898
2 Barber, Caroline E. "Carrie"  18 Sep 1882Newton Co., Mississippi I11634
3 Cross, Allen M.  15 Dec 1895Newton Co., Mississippi I6520
4 Cross, Henrietta Parallee Elving  1949Newton Co., Mississippi I7872
5 Cross, U. Known  Bef 1900Newton Co., Mississippi I7894
6 McGee, Curtis C.  20 Dec 1944Newton Co., Mississippi I11615
7 Melton, Carrie  17 Nov 1897Newton Co., Mississippi I11622
8 Melton, Charles Jerome  9 Jul 1886Newton Co., Mississippi I11621
9 Melton, Mary A.  22 Dec 1960Newton Co., Mississippi I11608
10 Melton, Minnie Lee  9 Mar 1967Newton Co., Mississippi I11607
11 Melton, Robert Allen  23 Jul 1879Newton Co., Mississippi I11617
12 Melton, Robert Archie  1936Newton Co., Mississippi I7873
13 Sisson, N. Elizabeth  2 Apr 1916Newton Co., Mississippi I11618
14 Walker, Eva  Bef 2 May 1910Newton Co., Mississippi I9697
15 Weaver, Sarah Buckley  14 Apr 1904Newton Co., Mississippi I7875
16 Williamson, Dr. Ira Sr.  26 May 1919Newton Co., Mississippi I11612


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Austin / Cross  18 Sep 1894Newton Co., Mississippi F2786
2 Cook / Jackson  15 Nov 1866Newton Co., Mississippi F266
3 Cross /   Abt 1890Newton Co., Mississippi F3856
4 Cross /   Abt 1918Newton Co., Mississippi F3842
5 Cross / Dansby  24 Mar 1896Newton Co., Mississippi F2784
6 Cross / Flowers  22 Feb 1900Newton Co., Mississippi F2787
7 Cross / Walker  13 Nov 1897Newton Co., Mississippi F3869
8 McBride / Daniels   F3109
9 Melton / Cross  Abt 1876Newton Co., Mississippi F2778
10 Williamson / Melton  20 Nov 1900Newton Co., Mississippi F3843