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Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi



Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cook, Robert  Abt 1901Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7929
2 Merrell, Martha Jane   I1037
3 Richards, Melne Belle  Sep 1887Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I971


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cross, Della O.  Feb 1972Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11595
2 Cross, Nancy Adeline  11 Dec 1932Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7870
3 Cross, Samuel Curtis  24 Oct 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7876
4 Dunston, Carlos Newton  1962Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11244
5 Furr, Carole Ann  17 Jan 2003Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I1601
6 Furr, John Marvin Jr.  10 Aug 2006Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I972
7 Razberry, Bonnie Leona  12 Sep 1933Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7877
8 Saul, Eva E.  3 Aug 1999Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11464
9 Scarborough, Lucy  1939Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7840


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cook, Eva O.  12 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7842
2 Cook, Eva O.  14 May 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7842
3 Cook, J. Edward  12 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7844
4 Cook, J. Edward  14 May 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7844
5 Cook, Dr. John Hancock  12 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7839
6 Cook, Dr. John Hancock  14 May 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7839
7 Cook, John Spinks  12 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7845
8 Cook, John Spinks  14 May 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7845
9 Cook, Robert  14 May 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7929
10 Cook, Roberta Inez "Birdie"  12 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7835
11 Cook, Roberta Inez "Birdie"  14 May 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7835
12 Cross, Alton Boyd  9 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7878
13 Cross, Alton Boyd  21 Apr 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7878
14 Cross, Alton Boyd  3 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7878
15 Cross, Annie A.  9 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7881
16 Cross, Catherine  1 May 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11650
17 Cross, Clarke Walton  1 May 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11656
18 Cross, Della O.  22 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11595
19 Cross, George Lee  9 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7882
20 Cross, George Lee  21 Apr 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7882
21 Cross, John Allen  9 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7886
22 Cross, John Allen  21 Apr 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7886
23 Cross, John Allen  3 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7886
24 Cross, John Allen  4 Apr 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7886
25 Cross, Melton Lewis  17 Jan 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7895
26 Cross, Ora B.  21 Apr 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7907
27 Cross, Ora B.  3 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7907
28 Cross, Samuel Curtis  9 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7876
29 Cross, Samuel Curtis  21 Apr 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7876
30 Cross, Samuel Curtis  3 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7876
31 Cross, Samuel Curtis  4 Apr 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7876
32 Dunston, Basil Barney  7 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11242
33 Dunston, Basil Barney  7 Apr 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11242
34 Dunston, Elma L.  7 Apr 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11731
35 Dunston, Martin Gilmore  7 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11730
36 Dunston, Martin Gilmore  7 Apr 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11730
37 Flowers, Anna Estelle  1 May 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11635
38 Lee, Clara  22 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I5076
39 Lee, Early Norris  22 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I3756
40 Lee, Lena  22 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I5075
41 Martin, Stella  7 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11729
42 Martin, Stella  7 Apr 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I11729
43 Razberry, Bonnie Leona  9 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7877
44 Razberry, Bonnie Leona  21 Apr 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7877
45 Razberry, Bonnie Leona  3 Jan 1920Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7877
46 Razberry, Bonnie Leona  4 Apr 1930Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7877
47 Scarborough, Lucy  12 Jun 1900Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7840
48 Scarborough, Lucy  14 May 1910Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi I7840


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cross / Cook  Abt 1911Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi F2783
2 Furr / Richards  22 Nov 1911Laurel, Jones Co., Mississippi F238