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Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi



Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dunston, John B.  1933Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11240
2 Dunston, Moffett A.  1957Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11246
3 Dunston, Ruby  10 Feb 1968Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11383
4 Moffett, Margaret J.  1952Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11241


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Dunston, Basil Barney  16 Jun 1900Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11242
2 Dunston, Carlos Newton  16 Jun 1900Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11244
3 Dunston, Carlos Newton  8 Apr 1930Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11244
4 Dunston, Gerald G.  16 Jun 1900Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11243
5 Dunston, Gerald G.  7 Jan 1920Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11243
6 Dunston, John B.  16 Jun 1900Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11240
7 Dunston, John B.  7 Jan 1920Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11240
8 Dunston, John B.  2 Apr 1930Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11240
9 Dunston, John Knox  8 Apr 1930Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11564
10 Dunston, Moffett A.  16 Jun 1900Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11246
11 Dunston, Moffett A.  7 Jan 1920Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11246
12 Dunston, Moffett A.  2 Apr 1930Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11246
13 Dunston, Opal  7 Jan 1920Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11239
14 Dunston, Opal  2 Apr 1930Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11239
15 Dunston, Ruby  7 Jan 1920Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11383
16 Dunston, Ruby  2 Apr 1930Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11383
17 Moffett, Margaret J.  16 Jun 1900Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11241
18 Moffett, Margaret J.  7 Jan 1920Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11241
19 Moffett, Margaret J.  2 Apr 1930Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11241
20 Saul, Eva E.  8 Apr 1930Sandersville, Jones Co., Mississippi I11464