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Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Furr, Allison Foster  26 Jul 1888Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I918
2 Furr, Archie Marvin  19 May 1902Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I950
3 Furr, Byron Eustace  27 Jul 1895Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I952
4 Furr, Celma  7 Apr 1875Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I880
5 Furr, Fulton Allison  15 Dec 1895Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I948
6 Furr, Henry  1866Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I769
7 Furr, Henry Byron  27 Oct 1868Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I863
8 Furr, Hessie M.  Nov 1875Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I771
9 Furr, Ida Mae  28 Feb 1878Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I793
10 Furr, James Walter  14 Feb 1867Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I878
11 Furr, Joseph Lee  11 Feb 1874Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I772
12 Furr, Margaret M.  13 May 1852Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I764
13 Furr, Martha J. "Mattie"  1 Nov 1849Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I705
14 Furr, Mary Addie  26 Jul 1873Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I947
15 Furr, Mary Rogers  24 Jul 1904Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I949
16 Furr, Paul Barringer  2 Feb 1857Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I765
17 Furr, Richard Hoyt  22 Aug 1886Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I797
18 Furr, Rufus J.  9 Oct 1873Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I770
19 Furr, Ruth Melne  26 Jul 1913Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I951
20 Furr, Venn Ammett  7 Dec 1866Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I788
21 Furr, Vera Nell  22 May 1889Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I798
22 Furr, Walter Pickett  18 May 1897Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I920
23 Furr, William Buford  24 Nov 1902Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I953
24 Furr, William Theron  3 Aug 1868Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I877
25 Grisham, Mary Myrtice  28 Aug 1889Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I706
26 Rodgers, Sarah Ida  26 Dec 1870Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I886


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Furr, Allison  15 Jul 1889Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I638
2 Furr, Allison Foster  18 Apr 1889Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I918
3 Furr, Henry  1867Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I769
4 Furr, Mary Addie  30 Aug 1877Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I947
5 Furr, Walter Pickett  16 Sep 1897Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I920
6 Furr, William Meek  23 Dec 1906Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I703
7 Pickens, Mary Haseltine  3 Mar 1923Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I781
8 Wingo, Thomas Jefferson  Bef 7 May 1930Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I733


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Hodges, Elizabeth Dennis  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I734
2 Hodges, Elizabeth Dennis  6 Jan 1920Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I734
3 Hodges, Elizabeth Dennis  7 May 1930Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I734
4 Knight, Day  7 May 1930Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I744
5 Knight, George  7 May 1930Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I745
6 Wingo, Galen  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I737
7 Wingo, I. Bell  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I743
8 Wingo, I. Bell  6 Jan 1920Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I743
9 Wingo, I. Bell  7 May 1930Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I743
10 Wingo, John C.  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I742
11 Wingo, Lloyd  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I738
12 Wingo, Lora Lena  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I730
13 Wingo, Lora Lena  6 Jan 1920Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I730
14 Wingo, Lora Lena  7 May 1930Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I730
15 Wingo, Olita Maude  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I740
16 Wingo, Oliver P.  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I736
17 Wingo, Susie R.  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I741
18 Wingo, Thomas Jefferson  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I733
19 Wingo, Thomas Jefferson  6 Jan 1920Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I733
20 Wingo, Thomas M.  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I735
21 Wingo, Tony  1 Jun 1900Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi I739


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Furr / England  28 Nov 1895Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi F207
2 Furr / Hampton  28 Nov 1894Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi F275
3 Furr / Hipp  21 Mar 1894Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi F215
4 Furr / Watson  22 Jan 1883Toccopola, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi F173