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North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbie  Abt 1811North Carolina I10354
2 Catharine Katie  1795North Carolina I3712
3 Catherine R.  Abt 1835North Carolina I1831
4 Francis C.  Abt 1847North Carolina I11403
5 Jane  Abt 1835North Carolina I1739
6 Sarah E.  Abt 1831North Carolina I1824
7 Allen, Robert Scales  Abt 1832North Carolina I7807
8 Black, Hessie McKinkey  14 Dec 1815North Carolina I763
9 Bowling, E. C. R.  Abt 1823North Carolina I225
10 Brown, Catherine Parmelia  Abt 1793North Carolina I514
11 Brown, Jeremiah Joseph Jr.  1795North Carolina I3711
12 Burton, William Joseph  27 Nov 1847North Carolina I685
13 Calloway, William S.  Abt 1806North Carolina I12261
14 Cannon, Pugh  1750North Carolina I479
15 Davis, David Franklin  North Carolina I6609
16 Davis, James Monroe  25 Jun 1839North Carolina I1710
17 Deal, William E.  Jan 1846North Carolina I1647
18 Delph, Catherine  1779North Carolina I12633
19 Ethridge, Earnest Lee  Abt 1909North Carolina I10972
20 Ethridge, Hyman Joseph  Abt 1883North Carolina I2792
21 Ethridge, Mary L.   I10971
22 Frazell, Lucy Mariah  May 1852North Carolina I11875
23 Furr, Benjamin C.  Abt 1833North Carolina I1805
24 Furr, Catherine A.  Abt 1822North Carolina I1802
25 Furr, Clarence Lee  29 Aug 1876North Carolina I1697
26 Furr, James P.  Abt 1828North Carolina I1804
27 Furr, Robert  Abt 1836North Carolina I1178
28 Furr, Sarah  Abt 1830North Carolina I1806
29 Furr, Tobias O.  Abt 1826North Carolina I1803
30 Glass, J. A. Cole  1841North Carolina I1540
31 Gray, Miria  Abt 1815North Carolina I7765
32 Grider, Silas Ervin  1829North Carolina I12587
33 Grigg, Joel  Abt 1791North Carolina I7376
34 Grigg, Robert W.  6 Dec 1825North Carolina I423
35 Hayes, Martha  22 Sep 1821North Carolina I4491
36 Hinds, Hannah  1768North Carolina I4315
37 Honeycutt, Rebecca  1803North Carolina I8426
38 Hudson, Allen Sr.  1816North Carolina I690
39 Irvin, Isalella  1823North Carolina I388
40 Johnson, Maggie D.  Abt 1883North Carolina I2793
41 Johnston, Catherine "Kate"  1 Jan 1835North Carolina I768
42 Jones, Roberta L.  Abt 1867North Carolina I10158
43 Jones, Rutha A. "Bertha"  9 Feb 1813North Carolina I593
44 Kimmons, James M.  Apr 1828North Carolina I722
45 McCaslin, William  6 Jul 1805North Carolina I4462
46 McCorkle, Martha K.  Abt 1812North Carolina I727
47 McCoy, Lura  30 Sep 1868North Carolina I1701
48 Mendenhall, Jacob F.  Abt 1843North Carolina I10358
49 Mendenhall, Joseph M.  Abt 1812North Carolina I10353
50 Mendenhall, Mary L.  Abt 1841North Carolina I10357

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Black, Hessie McKinkey  17 Jun 1842North Carolina I763
2 Furr, Polly  26 Mar 1874North Carolina I1888
3 Furr, Rachel Ruth  28 Jul 1862North Carolina I1887
4 Glass, Jacob W.  27 Aug 1866North Carolina I1537
5 Misenheimer, Dovey  Aft 1880North Carolina I1758
6 Myers, Robert E. Lee  1917North Carolina I11510
7 Phillips, Joshua  21 Feb 1889North Carolina I1800
8 Shulenburger, Jacob  Abt 1875North Carolina I981


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cass / Elliott  Abt 1840North Carolina F2639
2 Ethridge / Johnson  Abt 1910North Carolina F1064
3 Newell / Phillips  Abt 1832North Carolina F186
4 Shulenburger / Furr  20 Feb 1840North Carolina F230
5 Wilson / Sears  1764North Carolina F1565