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Claiborne Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Virgie  8 Nov 1887Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10023
2 Candler, Pearl  Nov 1873Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10110
3 Cook, Alford Tillman  3 Jul 1872Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I9977
4 Cook, Bessie  Abt 1901Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10114
5 Cook, Candler  Sep 1908Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10117
6 Cook, Daisey Clementine  18 Jun 1882Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10142
7 Cook, Donie  21 May 1880Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I9980
8 Cook, Gaston R.  Dec 1915Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10108
9 Cook, Green Raleigh  12 Dec 1852Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I3619
10 Cook, Hancy T.  24 Mar 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I3620
11 Cook, Hiram Thomas  6 Dec 1849Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I712
12 Cook, Ira Erastus  7 Dec 1858Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I716
13 Cook, James Andrew  13 Nov 1877Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I9979
14 Cook, James Columbus  29 Nov 1869Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I9984
15 Cook, James F.  4 Aug 1854Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I714
16 Cook, Joseph Lee  23 Apr 1851Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I3618
17 Cook, Lenna M.  Abt 1908Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10106
18 Cook, Lois  Abt 1905Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10115
19 Cook, Louis Jackson  10 Nov 1867Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I9983
20 Cook, Mila Louise  15 Feb 1908Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10127
21 Cook, Nancy Harriet "Nannie"  25 Dec 1862Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I717
22 Cook, Nelie  Abt 1907Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10116
23 Cook, R. Duane  Jul 1929Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10109
24 Cook, Roland N.  Abt 1911Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10107
25 Cook, Saphronie P.  4 Mar 1856Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I715
26 Cook, Susan  1878Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I9978
27 Cook, Virgil  Abt 1905Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10126
28 Cook, Willie  May 1882Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10105
29 Cross, Benjamin Andrew  6 Feb 1851Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I696
30 Cross, Edwin P.  4 Apr 1869Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I478
31 Cross, Henry Hunter  17 Aug 1866Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I6539
32 Cross, James Franklin Jr.  1869Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I6553
33 Cross, John Benjamin  Abt 1867Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I6540
34 Cross, Leonidas Scafe  26 Jun 1853Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I698
35 Cross, Robert Franklin  31 Jan 1858Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I702
36 Cross, Sarah Cordelia  Mar 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I704
37 Cross, Susan F.  1863Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I6538
38 Cross, Teritha Jane  8 Jan 1856Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I700
39 Cross, William Hunter  25 Jan 1868Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I470
40 Davidson, Arthur  Abt 1879Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10005
41 Davidson, Cordella  Abt 1877Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10004
42 McCullen, A. A.  Abt 1852Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10276
43 McCullen, Elizabeth  Abt Dec 1859Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10278
44 McCullen, James  Abt 1862Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10279
45 McCullen, Letty  Abt 1866Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10280
46 McCullen, Mahallie "Healy" Matilda  25 Oct 1854Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I697
47 McCullen, Nicholas  Abt 1857Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10277
48 McCullen, William  Abt 1867Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10281
49 Mills, Damie S.  Abt 1862Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I503
50 Mills, Drew S.  Abt 1864Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I504

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, James Monroe  31 Dec 1935Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10024
2 Baker, Virgie  3 Oct 1979Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10023
3 Cook, Charles Roland  13 Oct 1936Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I9976
4 Cook, James Andrew  15 Jan 1956Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I9979
5 Cook, Mila Louise  17 Nov 1996Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10127
6 Cross, James Franklin Jr.  Bef 1880Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I6553
7 Johnson, Mary Elizabeth  29 Sep 1940Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10025
8 Mays, Andrew J.  1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I3612
9 Sanders, Robert Wiley  25 Sep 1955Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10112
10 White, Virgil F.  9 Aug 1983Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I10128


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Green, Emeline  24 Jul 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I497
2 Green, Emeline  12 Aug 1870Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I497
3 Mills, Damie S.  12 Aug 1870Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I503
4 Mills, Drew S.  12 Aug 1870Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I504
5 Mills, E.  24 Jul 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I507
6 Mills, Elija Pope  24 Jul 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I499
7 Mills, Jane  24 Jul 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I502
8 Mills, Jane  12 Aug 1870Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I502
9 Mills, Joel C.  24 Jul 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I501
10 Mills, Joel C.  12 Aug 1870Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I501
11 Mills, John Thomas  24 Jul 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I498
12 Mills, Lois "Lou"  24 Jul 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I500
13 Mills, Lois "Lou"  12 Aug 1870Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I500
14 Mills, Malinda  12 Aug 1870Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I506
15 Mills, Ruth  12 Aug 1870Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I505
16 Mills, William Pope  24 Jul 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I161
17 Mills, William Pope  12 Aug 1870Claiborne Parish, Louisiana I161


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cook / Baker  Abt 1905Claiborne Parish, Louisiana F3486
2 Cook / Candler  1898Claiborne Parish, Louisiana F3509
3 Cross / Brittain  13 Mar 1856Claiborne Parish, Louisiana F2326
4 Cross / Cook  21 Feb 1867Claiborne Parish, Louisiana F161
5 Cross / McCullen  10 Dec 1871Claiborne Parish, Louisiana F260
6 Davidson / Cook  29 Apr 1869Claiborne Parish, Louisiana F3476
7 Laurence / Cook  9 Jul 1860Claiborne Parish, Louisiana F3474
8 Sanders / Cook  1900Claiborne Parish, Louisiana F3511