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Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cross, George Anderson Jr.  1 Apr 1884Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11600
2 Cross, John Clayton  13 Jan 1872Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7852
3 Cross, Lillie Anna  28 Nov 1903Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I1499
4 Myers, Ada Virginia  4 Nov 1886Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11511
5 Myers, George Washington  24 Jul 1895Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11515
6 Myers, Hattie Jane  18 Dec 1880Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11509
7 Myers, Henry Grady  6 Nov 1890Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11513
8 Myers, Mallie M.  21 Jun 1888Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11512
9 Myers, Mary Addie  23 Jun 1893Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11514


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mina C.  13 Jun 1967Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11586
2 Brown, Carmen Ludie  19 Aug 1993Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I4130
3 Brown, Pickney Earlie Jr.  Feb 1969Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I4436
4 Brown, Pickney Earlie "Pink" Sr.  22 Apr 1972Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I3751
5 Cross, Adam Mathis  27 Aug 1950Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7851
6 Cross, Adam Whitman  5 May 1923Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7837
7 Cross, Benjamin Franklin  8 Sep 1946Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7834
8 Cross, Carrie Annie  3 Oct 1963Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11594
9 Cross, James William Sr.  11 Jul 1947Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11581
10 Cross, James William Jr.  19 Feb 1981Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11585
11 Cross, Keetie Elizabeth  5 May 1960Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11591
12 Cross, Mary Effie  Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I692
13 Cross, Mattie P.  14 Dec 1941Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11593
14 Cross, Rilla A.  10 Jan 1949Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11590
15 Cross, Thomas A.  24 Aug 1905Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11596
16 Floyd, John Wesly  1927Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6415
17 Gillis, Mary Ann  1985Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I5050
18 Judge, Catherine Louiser  21 Jan 1924Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7868
19 Melton, Dr. Robert Allen  Mar 1862Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6626
20 Nichols, Etril Beatrice  3 Dec 1988Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11588
21 Robinson, Susan Annie  20 Aug 1947Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11716
22 Rosser, Alice  25 May 1950Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11584
23 Wilson, James Gulley  29 Nov 1961Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I4464


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brock, John Robert  2 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I2343
2 Brown, Carmen Ludie  2 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I4130
3 Brown, Pickney Earlie Jr.  2 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I4436
4 Brown, Pickney Earlie "Pink" Sr.  2 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I3751
5 Cross, Adam Mathis  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7851
6 Cross, Adam Mathis  2 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7851
7 Cross, Adam Mathis  8 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7851
8 Cross, Adam Whitman  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7837
9 Cross, Adam Whitman  6 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7837
10 Cross, Carrie Annie  2 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11594
11 Cross, Donnie Louise  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11597
12 Cross, Florence  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11599
13 Cross, Florence  6 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11599
14 Cross, Henrietta "Etta"  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11598
15 Cross, Henrietta "Etta"  6 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11598
16 Cross, James William Sr.  12 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11581
17 Cross, James William Sr.  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11581
18 Cross, James William Sr.  6 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11581
19 Cross, James William Jr.  6 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11585
20 Cross, James William Sr.  8 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11581
21 Cross, James William Jr.  8 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11585
22 Cross, John Dear  6 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11587
23 Cross, John Dear  8 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11587
24 Cross, Keetie Elizabeth  2 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11591
25 Cross, Lillie Anna  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I1499
26 Cross, Lillie Anna  2 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I1499
27 Cross, Marie Bertha  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I318
28 Cross, Marie Bertha  2 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I318
29 Cross, Martha Elizabeth  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I693
30 Cross, Martha Elizabeth  2 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I693
31 Cross, Mary Effie  15 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I692
32 Cross, Nancy Adeline  1 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I7870
33 Cross, Rilla A.  12 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11590
34 Cross, Rilla A.  29 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11590
35 Cross, Rilla A.  28 Jan 1920Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11590
36 Cross, Rilla A.  10 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I11590
37 Cross, T. J.  8 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I3760
38 Davis, Aleus B.  10 Apr 1930Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I3817
39 Davis, Bettie J.   I3818
40 Floyd, Addie  20 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6165
41 Floyd, Alice  20 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6567
42 Floyd, Bennett  20 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6479
43 Floyd, Clara  20 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6423
44 Floyd, Eulah  20 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6486
45 Floyd, Eunar  20 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6507
46 Floyd, Evaline  20 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6428
47 Floyd, John  20 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6167
48 Floyd, John Allen  20 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I5084
49 Floyd, John Allen  20 Apr 1910Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I5084
50 Floyd, John Wesly  20 Jun 1900Enterprise, Clarke Co., Mississippi I6415

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