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Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas



Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Babb, Arthur Lee  15 Jan 1890Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6126
2 Babb, Bulah E.  18 Feb 1892Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6127
3 Babb, Cleveland Polk  18 Jan 1888Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6125
4 Babb, Edith Edra  27 Feb 1914Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I1347
5 Babb, Luther Edgar  16 Feb 1896Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6122
6 Babb, Mary Juanita  27 Sep 1909Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6123
7 Babb, Maud Frances  12 Dec 1885Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6121
8 Babb, Milburn  9 Nov 1894Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6128
9 Stevens, Kathryn Sue   I998


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Babb, Singleton T.  Nov 1897Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6157


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Mary R.  24 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9773
2 Babb, Arthur Lee  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6126
3 Babb, Bulah E.  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6127
4 Babb, Bulah E.  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6127
5 Babb, Claude Anderson  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I725
6 Babb, Claude Anderson  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I725
7 Babb, Cleveland Polk  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6125
8 Babb, Cleveland Polk  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6125
9 Babb, James Singleton  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6124
10 Babb, John Perry  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I1343
11 Babb, John Perry  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I1343
12 Babb, John Perry  13 Feb 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I1343
13 Babb, Luther Edgar  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6122
14 Babb, Luther Edgar  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6122
15 Babb, Luther Edgar  13 Feb 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6122
16 Babb, Mary Juanita  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6123
17 Babb, Mary Juanita  13 Feb 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6123
18 Babb, Maud Frances  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6121
19 Babb, Maud Frances  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6121
20 Babb, Maud Frances  13 Feb 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6121
21 Babb, Milburn  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6128
22 Babb, Milburn  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I6128
23 Bledsoe, Mary Isaac  13 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I1344
24 Bledsoe, Mary Isaac  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I1344
25 Bledsoe, Mary Isaac  13 Feb 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I1344
26 Cook, Minnie Ola  31 Jan 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I10264
27 Council, Theodocia E.  31 Jan 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I10045
28 Cross, Florence Enola  18 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I477
29 Davis, Iva B.  24 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9776
30 Davis, Iva B.  7 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9776
31 Davis, John T.  24 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9772
32 Davis, John T.  7 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9772
33 Davis, Lilley Edna  24 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9775
34 Davis, Lilley Edna  7 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9775
35 Davis, Robert Lee  24 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I3835
36 Davis, Robert Lee  7 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I3835
37 Davis, Squire George  24 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9774
38 Davis, Squire George  7 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9774
39 Davis, William Henry  24 Jun 1900Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9777
40 Davis, William Henry  7 May 1910Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I9777
41 Watson, Dempsey Albert  31 Jan 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I10265
42 Watson, Ermah J.  31 Jan 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I10268
43 Watson, James D.  31 Jan 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I10267
44 Watson, Wayne Eberle  31 Jan 1920Hartford, Sebastian Co., Arkansas I10266