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Lafayette Co., Mississippi



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Furr, Bessie  Aug 1898Lafayette Co., Mississippi I870
2 Furr, Elbert Patton  Sep 1854Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1531
3 Furr, Emma Eloise  25 Feb 1847Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1302
4 Furr, Erminn  Feb 1885Lafayette Co., Mississippi I868
5 Furr, Grosmal McLarty  19 Nov 1844Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1301
6 Furr, Hallie Mae  Aug 1892Lafayette Co., Mississippi I774
7 Furr, Hillman Stacy  23 Dec 1909Lafayette Co., Mississippi I729
8 Furr, Idris Estelle  16 Aug 1851Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1530
9 Furr, Iona Doyle  Nov 1883Lafayette Co., Mississippi I867
10 Furr, Junius Cicero  1842Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1299
11 Furr, Laura Pearl  Sep 1863Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1534
12 Furr, Legena  1849Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1505
13 Furr, Paul Barringer Jr.  6 Oct 1901Lafayette Co., Mississippi I775
14 Furr, Scipio Morgan  Mar 1857Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1532
15 Furr, William Sample  Apr 1860Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1533
16 Gardner, John Daniel  3 Jul 1886Lafayette Co., Mississippi I813
17 Gilmer, Mae  Jul 1874Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1343
18 Grimes, John Fusson  13 Aug 1846Lafayette Co., Mississippi I4760
19 Grimes, John M.  Abt 1852Lafayette Co., Mississippi I8484
20 Grimes, Margaret  Abt 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I8483
21 Grimes, William T.  Abt 1849Lafayette Co., Mississippi I8482
22 Hall, Walter Lee  13 Jun 1903Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1125
23 Hartsfield, John Curtis  5 Aug 1870Lafayette Co., Mississippi I890
24 Kimmons, A. E.  Abt 1858Lafayette Co., Mississippi I725
25 Kimmons, Austin Ellery  15 Jan 1902Lafayette Co., Mississippi I711
26 Kimmons, Inf Son  1 Jan 1897Lafayette Co., Mississippi I719
27 Kimmons, Inf Son  25 Jan 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I720
28 Kimmons, J. K.  Abt 1856Lafayette Co., Mississippi I724
29 Kimmons, James Stuart  21 Aug 1898Lafayette Co., Mississippi I721
30 Kimmons, Sam Hall  Abt 1866Lafayette Co., Mississippi I726
31 Kimmons, William Watt  8 Jul 1868Lafayette Co., Mississippi I710
32 King, Mattie Mayes  Abt 1885Lafayette Co., Mississippi I861
33 Lynch, Carlton Buell  4 Aug 1883Lafayette Co., Mississippi I756
34 White, Lewis  Abt 1902Lafayette Co., Mississippi I714
35 White, Mamie Lee  Aug 1909Lafayette Co., Mississippi I716
36 White, Minnie  Abt 1915Lafayette Co., Mississippi I718
37 White, Stacy E.  Abt 1906Lafayette Co., Mississippi I715
38 White, Steven E.   I717


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Martha L. "Mattie"  1909Lafayette Co., Mississippi I761
2 Biggers, Sarah Elithia  16 Feb 1916Lafayette Co., Mississippi I779
3 Freeman, William Boswell  4 Apr 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I782
4 Furr, James Stacy  6 Oct 1934Lafayette Co., Mississippi I636
5 Furr, John Simpson  11 Apr 1881Lafayette Co., Mississippi I702
6 Furr, Mary Ann  14 May 1910Lafayette Co., Mississippi I701
7 Furr, Ollie Minnie  4 Apr 1954Lafayette Co., Mississippi I663
8 Kimmons, Austin Ellery  5 Oct 1902Lafayette Co., Mississippi I711
9 Kimmons, Inf Son  2 Jan 1897Lafayette Co., Mississippi I719
10 Kimmons, Inf Son  25 Jan 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I720
11 Kimmons, James Stuart  28 Nov 1898Lafayette Co., Mississippi I721
12 Kimmons, William Watt  12 Sep 1942Lafayette Co., Mississippi I710
13 Lynch, George Marshall  1928Lafayette Co., Mississippi I760
14 Moore, Elizabeth  Abt 1865Lafayette Co., Mississippi I872
15 Morrison, Mary Ellenda  22 Nov 1925Lafayette Co., Mississippi I637
16 Starnes, Charles Wesley  1 Apr 1912Lafayette Co., Mississippi I860
17 White, Minnie  Bef 7 May 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I718
18 White, William R.  24 Jun 1932Lafayette Co., Mississippi I670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  22 Nov 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I8480
2 Tabitha S.  15 Aug 1870Lafayette Co., Mississippi I667
3 Carpenter, William D.  21 Jun 1880Lafayette Co., Mississippi I778
4 Cockrall, Mary H.  25 Apr 1910Lafayette Co., Mississippi I728
5 Cockrall, Mary H.  17 Apr 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I728
6 Freeman, Carrie  19 Apr 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I804
7 Freeman, Lila Dale  20 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I805
8 Freeman, William Boswell  20 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I782
9 Freeman, William Boswell  5 May 1910Lafayette Co., Mississippi I782
10 Freeman, William Boswell  15 Jan 1920Lafayette Co., Mississippi I782
11 Freeman, William Boswell  19 Apr 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I782
12 Furr, Allison  21 Jun 1880Lafayette Co., Mississippi I638
13 Furr, Bessie  4 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I870
14 Furr, Carrie Lee  27 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I654
15 Furr, Daniel  15 Nov 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1107
16 Furr, Donald Paul  27 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I652
17 Furr, Dorman Lee  14 Jan 1920Lafayette Co., Mississippi I731
18 Furr, Dorman Lee  12 Apr 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I731
19 Furr, Elbert Patton  29 Oct 1860Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1531
20 Furr, Emma Eloise  15 Nov 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1302
21 Furr, Emma Eloise  29 Oct 1860Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1302
22 Furr, Erminn  4 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I868
23 Furr, Ferris E.  15 Nov 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1171
24 Furr, Dr. George  14 Jan 1920Lafayette Co., Mississippi I732
25 Furr, Dr. George  12 Apr 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I732
26 Furr, George William  15 Nov 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1169
27 Furr, Grosmal McLarty  15 Nov 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1301
28 Furr, Grosmal McLarty  29 Oct 1860Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1301
29 Furr, Hallie Mae  4 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I774
30 Furr, Henry Byron  21 Jun 1880Lafayette Co., Mississippi I863
31 Furr, Hessie M.  21 Jun 1880Lafayette Co., Mississippi I771
32 Furr, Hillman Stacy  25 Apr 1910Lafayette Co., Mississippi I729
33 Furr, Hillman Stacy  17 Apr 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I729
34 Furr, Idris Estelle  29 Oct 1860Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1530
35 Furr, Iona Doyle  4 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I867
36 Furr, John Dewitt  25 Apr 1910Lafayette Co., Mississippi I664
37 Furr, John Dewitt  17 Apr 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I664
38 Furr, John J.  15 Nov 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1170
39 Furr, Joseph Lee  21 Jun 1880Lafayette Co., Mississippi I772
40 Furr, Junius Cicero  15 Nov 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1299
41 Furr, Junius Cicero  29 Oct 1860Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1299
42 Furr, Katherine Allison "Kate"  27 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I11
43 Furr, Legena  15 Nov 1850Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1505
44 Furr, Legena  29 Oct 1860Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1505
45 Furr, Martha J. "Mattie"  20 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I705
46 Furr, Martha J. "Mattie"  5 May 1910Lafayette Co., Mississippi I705
47 Furr, Martha J. "Mattie"  15 Jan 1920Lafayette Co., Mississippi I705
48 Furr, Martha J. "Mattie"  19 Apr 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi I705
49 Furr, Mary Ann  8 Jun 1900Lafayette Co., Mississippi I701
50 Furr, Mary Ann  18 Apr 1910Lafayette Co., Mississippi I701

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Freeman / Furr  27 Nov 1872Lafayette Co., Mississippi F178
2 Furr / Cockrall  24 Oct 1906Lafayette Co., Mississippi F162
3 Furr / King  Jan 1930Lafayette Co., Mississippi F205
4 Furr / Pickens  28 Dec 1865Lafayette Co., Mississippi F177
5 Furr / Rowe  7 Oct 1913Lafayette Co., Mississippi F166
6 Lynch / Furr  5 Jun 1910Lafayette Co., Mississippi F168
7 Starnes / Furr  Aug 1866Lafayette Co., Mississippi F204
8 Starnes / Moore  22 Jul 1852Lafayette Co., Mississippi F213