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McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elliott, Maxine  20 Nov 1921McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I5146
2 Fuller, Joseph Oscar  3 Sep 1907McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I6018
3 McCauley, Ritta Mae   I496
4 Scherman, Ethel  14 Feb 1920McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I5140
5 Scherman, Harold Eugene Sr.  McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I605
6 Scherman, Jeffery Scott  27 Aug 1970McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I5159
7 Scherman, Robert Dean  McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I607
8 Scherman, William T. Jr.  23 Apr 1921McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I601
9 Scherman, Wilma  McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I603
10 Scobey, Archie Earl  29 Dec 1915McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I12512
11 Welsh, Alfred Bowen  11 Dec 1907McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3803
12 Welsh, Billy  1929McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I12578
13 Welsh, Cecil James  15 Oct 1913McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I6011
14 Welsh, Donald Lee   I12576
15 Welsh, Eugene Morgan  9 May 1925McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I12564
16 Welsh, Imogene  6 Mar 1920McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3701
17 Welsh, John H.  16 Jun 1910McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3804
18 Welsh, Kenneth  1927McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I12579
19 Welsh, Ralph Franklin   I3858
20 Welsh, Ruth Ellen  27 Nov 1910McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I6010
21 Welsh, Wanda  1930McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I12577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anna N.  24 Dec 1973McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I11031
2 Melissa Lee  22 Jul 1997McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I11038
3 Babb, Luther Edgar  31 Jul 1977McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I6122
4 Babb, Maud Frances  8 Oct 1965McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I6121
5 Basden, Ruth Lee  11 Jun 1988McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I10377
6 Brent, Amanda Elizabeth  30 Oct 1976McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I516
7 Crabtree, Rhetta E.  29 Jul 1916McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3661
8 Danielson, Emma  22 Jun 1950McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I5145
9 Elliott, Frank Sr.  10 Dec 1962McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I512
10 Elliott, Frank Jr.  7 Mar 2000McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I618
11 Elliott, Maxine  11 Oct 2003McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I5146
12 Elliott, Richard Ford Jr.  10 Jun 1949McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I5144
13 Etter, Eugenias Jackson  18 May 1950McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I4361
14 Hazell, Gertrude  3 Jun 2000McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I644
15 Hood, Leonard E.  12 Oct 1984McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I11058
16 Johnson, Georgia Rebecca  22 Feb 1994McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I494
17 Johnson, John Pink  14 Feb 1953McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I6012
18 Killian, Elsie  11 Jun 2000McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I1503
19 King, Elizabeth  28 Feb 1937McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I499
20 Mankin, Effie  24 Sep 1990McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I646
21 Mendenhall, Arthur Clarence  14 Jan 1978McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I7798
22 Mendenhall, Audie M.  1 Nov 1989McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I7796
23 Mendenhall, Gladys Alene  9 Feb 2006McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I10382
24 Mendenhall, Jacob Blake  8 Nov 1975McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I2909
25 Mendenhall, Martin  17 May 2006McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I10378
26 Mendenhall, Oscar Clark  21 Jul 1961McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I2907
27 Morgan, Laura Elizabeth  7 Dec 1932McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I534
28 Parnell, Ada  1 Mar 1983McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I535
29 Scherman, Ethel  14 Feb 1920McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I5140
30 Scherman, Jeffery Scott  27 Aug 1970McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I5159
31 Scherman, William T. Sr.  19 Feb 1973McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I514
32 Scherman, William T. Jr.  29 Nov 1994McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I601
33 Stratton, Sarah Ann  1908McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I523
34 Welsh, Aldernon Ernest  8 Jul 1922McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I5139
35 Welsh, Alfred Bowen  19 Dec 1938McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3803
36 Welsh, Cecil  7 Dec 1949McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3830
37 Welsh, Edwin Bowen  19 Oct 1919McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I521
38 Welsh, Edwin Bowen  23 Sep 1960McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I507
39 Welsh, Ethel  15 Sep 1977McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I506
40 Welsh, Francis Eugene  11 May 1985McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I647
41 Welsh, George H.  26 Nov 1987McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I645
42 Welsh, Ida  McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I657
43 Welsh, Jacob  19 Nov 1938McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I498
44 Welsh, James Newton  Apr 1959McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I540
45 Welsh, Margaret Hannah  23 May 1966McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I504
46 Welsh, Morris Bowen  1944McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I548
47 Welsh, Paul Thomas  18 Dec 1929McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3807
48 Welsh, Ralph Allen  30 Mar 1938McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3802
49 Welsh, Ray  17 Dec 1929McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3846
50 Welsh, Robert  24 Dec 1978McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3805

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Etter, Eugenias Jackson  McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I4361
2 McFarland, James Franklin  McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I573


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Georgia Rebecca  16 Apr 1930McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I494
2 McCauley, Ritta Mae   I496
3 Morgan, Laura Elizabeth  1 Apr 1910McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I534
4 Welsh, Alfred Bowen  1 Apr 1910McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3803
5 Welsh, Elizabeth Ann 'Mickey'  13 Jan 1920McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I495
6 Welsh, Elizabeth Ann 'Mickey'  16 Apr 1930McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I495
7 Welsh, Ethel Mae  13 Jan 1920McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I4089
8 Welsh, Ethel Mae  16 Apr 1930McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I4089
9 Welsh, Ralph Allen  1 Apr 1910McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3802
10 Welsh, Silas Henry  1 Apr 1910McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I526
11 Welsh, Thomas  13 Jan 1920McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I489
12 Welsh, Thomas  16 Apr 1930McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I489
13 Welsh, William Morgan  1 Apr 1910McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I3801
14 Williams, Annie  13 Jan 1920McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma I490


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hood / Mendenhall  23 Dec 1959McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma F3699
2 Roth / Welsh  20 Sep 1919McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma F244
3 Welsh / Green  1 Sep 1908McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma F171
4 Welsh / Johnson  29 Oct 1929McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma F167
5 Welsh / Mankin  18 Aug 1936McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma F238