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Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avent, Benjamin Wesley  1921Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I683
2 Avent, Edna Lee  22 Sep 1916Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I682
3 Avent, John Edward Jr.  13 Aug 1914Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I681
4 Caldwell, Minnie Louise   I1126
5 Freeman, Lila Dale  13 Aug 1886Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I805
6 Furr, Carrie Lee  Feb 1893Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I654
7 Furr, Daniel Hall  7 Sep 1879Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I665
8 Furr, David Patrick  27 Jun 1972Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1046
9 Furr, Donald Paul  26 Jan 1899Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I652
10 Furr, Dorman Lee  16 Mar 1911Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I731
11 Furr, Edward Allison  Abt 1905Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I656
12 Furr, Flora Garnet  19 Dec 1888Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I697
13 Furr, Dr. George  27 Nov 1914Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I732
14 Furr, Dr. James Edward Sr.  2 Jan 1892Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I698
15 Furr, John Dewitt  6 Mar 1877Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I664
16 Furr, Kate Lucky  20 May 1884Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I695
17 Furr, Katherine Allison "Kate"  3 Mar 1897Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I11
18 Furr, Linda Louise  Abt 1908Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I657
19 Furr, Marguerite  26 Jul 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I653
20 Furr, Mary Ann Susan "Susie"  6 Dec 1871Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I662
21 Furr, Ollie Minnie  6 Sep 1874Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I663
22 Furr, Robert Paul  18 Feb 1882Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I694
23 Furr, Walter Curry  6 Sep 1886Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I696
24 Furr, William Allison  11 Jan 1870Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I12
25 Furr, Willie Myrl  15 Sep 1901Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I655
26 Hartsfield, Clyde Little   I969
27 Hartsfield, Mary Elizabeth   I966
28 Hartsfield, William Luther  15 Feb 1907Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I965
29 Jackson, Katherine Lee  18 Jul 1915Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I846
30 Jackson, Willie Locke  1916Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I709
31 Patton, Myra Elizabeth  15 Feb 1907Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1284
32 Price, George Raymond  Sep 1919Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I22
33 Price, S. L.  Abt 1922Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1913
34 White, Mary Ann Susan  Jun 1894Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I712
35 White, William Daniel  10 Oct 1899Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I713


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptized    Person ID 
1 Furr, Rebecca Hansell   I1032


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Avent, Edna Lee  18 Sep 2008Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I682
2 Avent, John Edward Sr.  17 Nov 1938Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I661
3 Freeman, Lila Dale  9 Feb 1968Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I805
4 Furr, Bessie  8 May 1997Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I870
5 Furr, Carrie Lee  1964Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I654
6 Furr, Daniel Hall  25 Nov 1895Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I665
7 Furr, David Patrick  13 Jul 1972Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1046
8 Furr, Dorman Lee  2 Jul 1973Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I731
9 Furr, Edward Allison Jr.  16 Sep 2004Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1550
10 Furr, Hallie Mae  1916Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I774
11 Furr, Ida Mae  21 Mar 1961Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I793
12 Furr, Kate Lucky  15 Oct 1970Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I695
13 Furr, Martha J. "Mattie"  29 Jan 1933Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I705
14 Furr, Mary Ann Susan "Susie"  15 Feb 1964Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I662
15 Furr, Paul Barringer  10 Apr 1950Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I765
16 Furr, Paul Barringer Jr.  20 Jun 1967Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I775
17 Furr, Stacey  Nov 1983Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I921
18 Furr, Venn Allison  21 Jan 2007Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1086
19 Gardner, John Daniel  11 Feb 1969Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I813
20 Grisham, Mary Myrtice  15 Jul 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I706
21 Hall, Walter Lee  27 Sep 1996Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1125
22 Hartsfield, James Curtis  27 Dec 1972Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I967
23 Hartsfield, John Curtis  11 Jun 1957Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I890
24 Hartsfield, Marvin Furr  14 Jan 1953Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I968
25 Jackson, James Wilmer  26 Aug 1997Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I708
26 Jackson, Lee  Bef 3 Apr 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I707
27 Jackson, Willie Locke  1935Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I709
28 Patton, Fred  Nov 1981Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1283
29 Patton, Freddie Brooks  Mar 1966Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I1201
30 Watson, Martha Elizabeth  27 Dec 1924Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I773
31 Wingo, Lora Lena  29 Nov 1971Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Christeen Mattie  3 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I21
2 Sydney  19 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I677
3 Tabitha S.  8 Jun 1880Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I667
4 Adams, Martha L. "Mattie"  9 Jun 1900Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I761
5 Avent, Audley  19 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I679
6 Avent, Benjamin Wesley  2 Apr 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I683
7 Avent, Eddison  19 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I678
8 Avent, Edna Lee  5 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I682
9 Avent, Edna Lee  2 Apr 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I682
10 Avent, John Edward Sr.  19 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I661
11 Avent, John Edward Sr.  5 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I661
12 Avent, John Edward Jr.  5 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I681
13 Avent, John Edward Sr.  2 Apr 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I661
14 Avent, John Edward Jr.  2 Apr 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I681
15 Avent, Kurl  19 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I680
16 Avent, L. W.  19 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I676
17 Furr, Bessie  18 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I870
18 Furr, Bessie  2 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I870
19 Furr, Carrie Lee  18 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I654
20 Furr, Carrie Lee  5 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I654
21 Furr, Carrie Lee  2 Apr 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I654
22 Furr, Daniel Hall  24 Jun 1880Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I665
23 Furr, Donald Paul  18 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I652
24 Furr, Edward Allison  18 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I656
25 Furr, Flora Garnet  16 Jun 1900Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I697
26 Furr, Flora Garnet  16 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I697
27 Furr, Hallie Mae  18 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I774
28 Furr, Dr. James Edward Sr.  16 Jun 1900Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I698
29 Furr, Dr. James Edward Sr.  16 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I698
30 Furr, James Stacy  24 Jun 1880Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I636
31 Furr, James Stacy  16 Jun 1900Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I636
32 Furr, James Stacy  16 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I636
33 Furr, James Stacy  3 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I636
34 Furr, James Stacy  3 Apr 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I636
35 Furr, John Dewitt  24 Jun 1880Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I664
36 Furr, John Dewitt  16 Jun 1900Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I664
37 Furr, Kate Lucky  16 Jun 1900Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I695
38 Furr, Kate Lucky  16 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I695
39 Furr, Kate Lucky  3 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I695
40 Furr, Kate Lucky  3 Apr 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I695
41 Furr, Katherine Allison "Kate"  18 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I11
42 Furr, Katherine Allison "Kate"  3 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I11
43 Furr, Linda Louise  18 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I657
44 Furr, Mary Ann Susan "Susie"  24 Jun 1880Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I662
45 Furr, Mary Ann Susan "Susie"  3 Apr 1930Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I662
46 Furr, Ollie Minnie  24 Jun 1880Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I663
47 Furr, Paul Barringer  18 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I765
48 Furr, Paul Barringer Jr.  18 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I775
49 Furr, Paul Barringer  2 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I765
50 Furr, Paul Barringer Jr.  2 Jan 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I775

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Furr, Edward Allison  1996/2002Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi I656


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Avent / Furr  Abt 1914Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi F150
2 Cauthen / Furr   F322
3 Furr / Chrestman  29 Jun 1920Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi F155
4 Furr / Grisham  3 Apr 1910Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi F156
5 Furr / Russell   F259
6 Furr / Wingo  25 Aug 1934Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi F163
7 Jackson / Furr  9 May 1912Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi F157
8 Kimmons / Furr  18 Dec 1895Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi F158
9 McLean / Furr   F512
10 Price /   Abt 1919Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi F9
11 White / Furr  28 Oct 1890Oxford, Lafayette Co., Mississippi F159
12 Woods / Furr   F261