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Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, James Bradley   I8914
2 Arnold, John Robert   I8913
3 Caldwell, Emily Knox   I1243
4 Caldwell, James Robert III   I1244
5 Evans, Johnnie Mills  12 Mar 1927Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I219
6 Evans, Nancy Sue  15 Mar 1951Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I230
7 Evans, Winnie Maude  27 Jul 1920Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I217
8 Furr, Anna Carol   I1020
9 Furr, Kenneth Knox  24 Jan 1949Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I1259
10 Furr, Susan  16 Feb 1967Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I1643
11 McHaffey, Roland Malcolm  28 May 1923Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I231
12 Middlebrooks, Ida Zoulema  23 Jun 1884Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I10054
13 Mills, Guy Hardin  9 Mar 1927Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I371
14 Moore, Keaton Ryan   I5072
15 Price, Rev. Dr. Sandra Lynn   I14
16 Price, Dr. Walter Allison   I1
17 Shumpert, Jimmy Ann  8 Jul 1940Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I226


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Ruth Hunter  16 Oct 2006Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I1018
2 Bishop, Robert Edward  19 Mar 1980Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I4950
3 Canterbury, Pearl Gray  9 May 2007Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I1021
4 Cody, Minerva Ann  11 Nov 1930Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I10
5 Dial, William Joyce  2 Aug 1995Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I5036
6 Evans, Johnnie Mills  22 Aug 1996Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I219
7 Evans, Nancy Sue  12 Mar 2010Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I230
8 Furr, Donald Paul  Mar 1974Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I652
9 Furr, Donald Paul Jr.  Dec 1986Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I1298
10 Furr, Katherine Allison "Kate"  Jan 1997Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I11
11 Furr, Kenneth Knox  25 Jan 1949Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I1259
12 Furr, Marion Hansell  28 Jan 2007Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I840
13 Furr, William Allison  1947Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I12
14 Hansell, Lottie Winnafred  12 Aug 1985Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I891
15 Jackson, Roy Andrew  27 Jan 1990Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I164
16 McHaffey, Roland Malcolm  20 Nov 1994Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I231
17 Mills, James Irvin "Irv"  17 Jul 1958Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I9
18 Mills, Ola Edna  10 Aug 1989Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I5
19 Mills, William Riley  16 Dec 1930Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I146
20 Ritter, Mitchell  15 Nov 1997Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I1895
21 Shumpert, James Herman  25 Feb 2000Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I223
22 Shumpert, Jimmy Ann  13 Jun 1985Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I226
23 Taylor, Annie Laura  5 Mar 1963Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I275
24 Whitworth, Icie Idelle  7 Jan 1997Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I1110


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Furr, Donald Paul  4 Apr 1930Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I652
2 Furr, Donald Paul III   I685
3 Furr, Edward Allison  12 Jan 1920Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I656
4 Furr, Edward Allison  10 Apr 1930Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I656
5 Furr, Linda Louise  12 Jan 1920Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I657
6 Furr, Marguerite  12 Jan 1920Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I653
7 Furr, William Allison  12 Jan 1920Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I12
8 Furr, Willie Myrl  12 Jan 1920Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I655
9 Furr, Willie Myrl  15 Apr 1930Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I655
10 Reel, Willis Warren  15 Apr 1930Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I660
11 Sims, Mary Ruth  4 Apr 1930Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I684
12 White, Louana Dell  12 Jan 1920Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi I242